A Canadian-based online boutique with an eye for modern, sustainable and functional homeware pieces.

We specialize in products that add  productivity and self-care to your everyday lifestyle while embodying a modern look that will match with any household style.

In search for products that are affordable & modern for your home can be time consuming.

Our City things website is the destination for all your home needs.  Curated with conscience, style and love we seek to combine sophisticated, simple and sustainable together. 

We trust that our items will enrich your household and daily lifestyle routines. As the "one" behind this shop, the impact of your support is immense to us and it is our goal to make modern living more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Obsessed with quality!!

All items are professionally inspected, tested and packaged to ensure that they arrive safely and without any defects. This is an extra step we’ve decided to take so that we can better guarantee a quality experience with City Things!